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This site was designed as a labor of love to help people (especially kids) find the official sites with web site names that are impossible to find or remember. For example the url for the Michigan State Fair is at: http://www.mda.state.mi.us/statefair. What a mouthful! Some states have regional fairs instead of a state fair so you may want to visit the International Association of Fairs and Expo Web Site listed at the bottom of this page for more information.

Be sure to bookmark this site or use the handy notification banner at the bottom of this page which will notify you when changes are made. Please come back as we plan to add maps, campgrounds, hotels and other helpful information!

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Sites are listed in alphabetical order. A C D F G H I K L M N O P R S T U V W


Alabama State Fair COMING SOON
Alabama National Fair Oct. 30 to Nov. 8, 2015
Alaska State Fair (Fairbanks) Aug. 7 to Aug. 16, 2015
Alaska State Fair (Palmer) Aug. 27 to Sep. 7, 2015
Arkansas State Fair Oct. 9 to Oct. 18, 2015
Arizona State Fair Oct. 16 to Nov. 8, 2015


California State Fair Jul. 10 to Jul. 26, 2015
Colorado State Fair Aug. 28 to Sep. 7, 2015
Connecticut Fair (Orange County) Sept. 19 to Sept. 20, 2015


Delaware State Fair Jul. 23 to Aug. 01, 2015


Florida State Fair Feb. 4 to Feb. 15, 2015


Georgia State Fair Oct. 02 to Oct. 11, 2015


Hawaii State Fair COMING SOON


Idaho State Fair (Eastern) Aug. 29 to Sep. 5, 2015
Idaho State Fair (Western) Aug. 21 to Aug. 30, 2015
Illinois State Fair Aug. 13 to Aug 23, 2015
Indiana State Fair Aug. 7 to Aug. 23, 2015
Iowa State Fair Aug.13 to Aug. 23, 2015


Kansas State Fair Sep. 11 to Sep. 20, 2015
Kentucky State Fair Aug. 20 to Aug. 30, 2015


Louisiana State Fair Oct. 22 to Nov. 1, 2015


Maine State Fair COMING SOON
Maryland State Fair Aug. 28 to Sep. 7, 2015
Massachusetts State Fair (The Big E) Sep. 18 to Oct. 4, 2015
Michigan State Fair Sept. 4 to Sept. 7, 2015
Minnesota State Fair Aug. 27 to Sep. 7, 2015
Mississippi State Fair Oct. 7 to Oct. 18, 2015
Missouri State Fair Aug. 13 to Aug. 23, 2015
Montana State Fair (Western) Jul. 24 to Aug. 1, 2015


Nebraska State Fair Aug. 28 to Sep. 7, 2015
Nevada State Fair N/A
New Hampshire State Fair COMING SOON
New Jersey State Fair Jul. 31 to Aug. 9, 2015
New Mexico State Fair Sep. 10 to Sep. 20, 2015
New York Expo Aug. 27 to Sept. 7, 2015
North Carolina State Fair Oct. 15 to Oct. 25, 2015
(You're From N. Carolina If...)
North Dakota State Fair Jul. 17 to Jul. 25, 2015


Ohio State Fair July 29 to Aug. 9, 2015
Oklahoma State Fair Sep. 17 to Sep. 27, 2015
Oregon State Fair Aug. 28 to Sep. 7, 2015


Pennsylvania County Fair Listings


Rhode Island State Fair Aug. 12 to Aug. 16, 2015


South Carolina State Fair Oct. 14 to Oct. 25, 2015
South Dakota State Fair Sept. 3 to Sept. 7, 2015


Tennessee State Fair Sep. 11 to Sep. 20, 2015
Texas State Fair, Sep. 25 to Oct. 18, 2015
Texas State Fair (Northern) Aug. 21 to Aug. 29, 2015


Utah State Fair Sep. 10 to Sep. 20, 2015


Vermont State Fair Sept. 5 to Sep. 12, 2015
Virginia State Fair Sep. 25 to Oct. 4, 2015


Washington State Fair Aug. 27 to Sept. 7, 2015
Washington State Fair (Central) Sep. 25 to Oct. 4, 2015
West Virginia State Fair Aug. 14 to Aug. 23, 2015
Wisconsin State Fair Aug. 6 to Aug. 16, 2015
Wyoming State Fair Aug. 8 to Aug. 15, 2015



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